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PS9120 Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner

The PS9120 is fast , precise Omni-direction Laser barcode scanner 1500 Scans per second Scanning Speed and a fully adjustable head to meet any barcode scanning application.



The PS9120 is an aggressive, Omni-direction Laser barcode scanner with a raster scanning of 20 lines Scanning pattern and Scan speed of 1500 Scans per second. With the High Reflective mirrors inside the PS9120, the PS9120 promises continuous performance and makes it a long lasting Presentation Scanner.

In order to suit multiple scanning needs within the Barcode Scanning applications , the PS9220z comes with Adjustable Head, Auto-scan function and Hand-held / Counter Mount Design. The PS9120 edges over the other presentation scanners in terms of Height and Tilt Angle. 

Besides, the PS9120 also occupies minimal Counter Space and its light weight body structure makes it easier for Cashier’s to Scan Big Size Items.The PS9120 is also a low power consumption device that can withstand 1.2mt drop on Concrete Surface. With a maximum Scanning Resolution of 5mil, the PS9120 can scan products up to 20mil that is the biggest range of barcode scanning offered by any presentation scanner available in the market. 

The PS9120 also has Wall mounting bracket for Mobile Carts or Special application environment.

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