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Data Collector Unit
PS3000 Data Collector Unit

The PS3000 is a distinctive wireless barcode scanning product which combines functions of wireless barcode scanner and a data collector unit. The PS-3000 has a keyboard and screen for Quantity Input and perform various batch functions. It can achieve the functions which the wireless barcode scanner can’t do. For example, if the barcode is damaged and not scan able, user can input the barcode number through the keyboard; it can display the current wireless channel and battery capacity and so on. In the wireless mode, user can communicated through USB Receiver.

The Laser scanning engine in PS3000 is rapid and has a large depth of field, it can meet the needs of most industries. Most of the laser scanners in current market still use 8-bit SCM(single chip microcomputer) to complete the decoding, but the PS3000 has a 32-bit ARM CPU which is ten times faster and makes the decoding faster and more accurate.

   It has the simple data collection function that can support offline batch scanning mode, where user can scan and save a maximum of 50,000 barcodes. After the collection user can transmit to a computer in the form of CSV file.   The wireless frequency is 433 MHz, two-way communication; there is a wireless signal strength instruction on the screen. It can support a maximum of 99 wireless channels, user can use 99 units at the same time and that will not interfere with each other; In a unobstructed space, the transmission distance can be 50-100 meters; If there is larger interference or need to pass through several walls, the wireless communication distance may be



a)    Wireless scanning – This mode is similar to the Barcode Scanner mode in which barcodes are transferred online to the PC. The Barcode type is also displayed while scanning. User can cancel the scanned barcode and the memory count by function key F3

b)    Barcode Capture – This mode is an Inventory mode in which the scanned barcodes are stored in the memory. User can browse the scanned barcodes and send them wirelessly / Export to the file using this mode. This mode also allows user to set the basic configuration, file export format, sending time interval and clear memory setting

c)    Wireless Send – This mode is an inventory mode where user can add Quantity using the keypad 1-9. User can also type the barcode number using the key F1. The user can use the switch mode key F4 in order to type Alphanumeric numbers as well. The barcode scanned can be sent to the PC by using wireless mode as well as export to the file

d)    System – This function allows the user to do various settings and update the application whenever required.

e)    Charge – This function shows the Charging Status of the Batteries

f)     Reset – This function reset’s / reboots the Software.

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