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K104RP Keyboard with MSR & SCR

K104RP is Membrane Keyboard with SCR & MSR featuring a 3 zone keyboard layout. It has a built-in Smart Card Reader (SCR) for banking transactions, identification systems, secure web applications, and secure Login, as well as a Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) for Credit Cards. It is a perfect Point of Sale Keyboard with security and multi-functional abilities. This full-sized keyboard is perfect for any desktop, kiosk, office, or warehouse, while the built-in multi-functional hotkeys allow quick access to your multimedia controls and Internet browser commands.

The soft and quiet membrane keys provide instant sound feedback as well as amazing tactile response, improving accuracy, productivity and efficiency, while lasting up to 5 million keystrokes. With all these amazing features, the K104RP is the ultimate all-purpose full-sized keyboard for business, security, and retail



Built-in Smart Card Reader

The built-in Smart Card Reader brings extra security and ease for banking transactions, identification systems, secure web applications, and secure logon. Due to its secure nature, smart card keyboards are extensively used by industries like banking, healthcare, e-commerce, and government agencies. This device supports multiple international standards including ISO7816 for IC card standard, PC/SC 2.0 for Windows Smart Card standard, Microsoft WHQL, EMV for Europay MasterCard Visa standard and USB-IF CCID standard

Built-in Magnetic Stripe Reader

Magnetic stripe readers can be read by a computer program is generally categorized by the way they read a badge. Information is written on the Magnetic stripe by magnetizing the tiny bars in either a north or South Pole direction with a special electromagnetic writer also called an encoder. The magnetic stripe reader reads the information by detecting the changes in the magnetic field caused by the flux reversals on the badge's magnetic stripe

Quiet Membrane Key Switches

Unlike Mechanical Keyboards, the Membrane Key Switches provide a better tactile response and a quieter typing experience. In addition to that, the Membrane key switches lasts up to 10 Million keystrokes

KB101R Keyboard with MSR