RMA Process

Turn Around Times

The Turn Around time for repair or replacement is 10 working days. Once the product is received for repair, PoS Tektronics will inform the customer about the same. The Turn Around time does not include weekends or holidays. Out of warranty products TAT is also 10 Days once customer confirms the repair charges provided by PoS Tektronics.

Repair Warranty

Warranty on Repaired Parts is normally 3 months whereas warranty or DOA Products is as per standard warranty.


General Warranty

All Products sold by PoS Tektronics carry 12months warranty from the date of Shipment being shipped from PoS Tektronics. For any product sold by PoS Tektronics under warranty found faulty against manufacturing defect, PoS Tektronics shall provide Repair and shipping Free of charge to the Buyer. For goods under warranty sent for RMA repair, each side should pay the shipping fee, customs, tax and repair fee for one side.

DOA Warranty

For any product found in-operable due to manufacturing defect, PoS Tektronics shall provide repair or replacement without material and labour charge. All shipping cost, related custom fee, and tax for DOA RMA shall be at PoS Tektronics expenses.

Warranty Waiver

Depending upon the PoS Tektronics & Customer’s agreement, a certain percentage of Spare Parts can be offered with every shipment for back up repair. The Percentage of Spare parts is depending upon the Invoice value and back up repair parts are also counted under warranty.

Extended Warranty

PoS Tektronics also provides extended warranty if the customer demands. Each product has its own extended warranty which can be provided only can mutual consensus between PoS Tektronics and the customer.

Spare Parts

1. PoS Tektronics provides list of Spare parts to each customer for warranty or warranty waiver. Each Spare Part has a selling price. Under warranty waiver customers can calculate no of spare parts price equivalent to invoice percentage.
2. Once customer has decided the no of Spare parts, customer sends the list of spares to PoS Tektronics and the same are included with the shipment.
3. Percentage of Spare parts under warranty waiver is applicable only for customer who buys above a certain invoice value.
4. EOL for Spare parts is normally from 3-5 years depending upon the type spare part.